Throwing an awesome party for an awesome cause...


Proceeds from the Derby Party will support the important work of Shelby Humane.  This nonprofit organization has taken a leadership role in the ways animals affect the lives of people in our community through animal rescue, pet adoptions, addressing animal overpopulation, assisting with veterinary bills, rural education and resources, disaster response and preparedness, and helping victims of domestic violence and their pets.  We consider our support an investment in Shelby Humane and their mission to promote responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals through four strategic goals:

Shelby Adoption Center - Pet adoptions, volunteer opportunities, foster care, and public education

Shelby Clinic - Affordable pet care, community clinics, and spay/neuter surgeries

Shelby Outreach - Resources for families and their pets in rural communities

Shelby SafePet - Free veterinary care and boarding of pets for victims of domestic violence.


Over 5,000 animals were brought to Shelby Humane last year.  These are dogs and cats that are abandoned on the roadside, surrendered by people who can’t care for them, or rescued from situations too cruel to describe.  Shelby Humane works with veterinarians to provide medical care so that these animals can be adopted by people like you and through partnerships with humane societies in other states.

An animal overpopulation crisis causes 3.5 million animals to be euthanized in the United States every year.  Shelby Humane helps solve this problem too.  We provided 2,522 low cost spay/neuter surgeries throughout central Alabama last year – nearly 18,000 since that program began – and offer resources to people in need.  The result is that the number of animals abandoned or surrendered to Shelby Humane dropped 30% in just eight years!

We have an emotional bond with our pets.  That love can be manipulated to hurt or threaten pets in an abusive relationship.  Our new Shelby SafePet program will provide a network of veterinarians and volunteers to safely care for pets owned by victims of domestic violence who are in need of confidential emergency shelter – at no cost to victims until they can be reunited with their pets.