This will be the first year for the Derby Party in Birmingham.  Inspiration for the incredible party came from our friends in Denver that have hosted their own Derby Party for the last sixteen years.  Over 6,000 people attend their event.  We're thinking that might be a little crowded and will limit tickets to just 600.  The idea is the same.  Take several hundred good friends, signature drinks and craft beer, good food, bow ties and big hats, fantastic music, all in an incredibly beautiful setting, and shake well!

This is where Birmingham will really shine.  The Derby Party is your chance to get decked out in your finest Derby attire.  The video will give you an idea of what that means but, honestly, we're Southerns and have known sun dresses, big hats, seersucker and bowties since we were children.  Nobody does it better than Birmingham!
If an opportunity to get dressed up isn't enough, there will be some serious prizes for the best Big Hat and Dapper Dude.

Your ticket to the Derby Party will provide you with three (very cool) drink token that you can exchange for classic signature drinks - mint julep, mimosa, and bloody mary.  Water will be provide too.  You can purchase additional drink tokens for signature drinks and craft beer throughout the afternoon.
Our friends from XXXXXXXX distillery will be there as well to teach us the finer points of bourbon.

XXXXXXXXX will be providing music throughout the day.  If you haven't heard them before, you will.  XXXXXXXX was recommended to us by our great friends at Birmingham Mountain Radio.  We know you are perfectly capable of finding them on Spotify, YouTube, and a dozen other sites but a video is provided below for your convenience.

Food will be donated by some terrific local restaurants.  Check back here to find some details about the small plate menu we'll provide.  We promise it will be good!

Did we mention that there will be horses there?  Windwood Equestrian is so excited about helping us host the event that the Uptons have offered to bring a few horses out to visit with us before the Big Race.

Now for the most important part of the Derby Party.  Tickets for all this will be $65.  Your day at Windwood Equestrian will start at 3:00pm on Saturday, May 5, and conclude after the running of the main Kentucky Derby race on big screens at 6:00pm.  I know Birmingham is a city that waits until the last minute to buy tickets, but we're certain that Derby Day will sell out fast.  This is your chance to say you attended the first Derby Party.

We'll send you a few updates before the big day but check here for more details between now and May 5.  See you at the races!






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